A few words about me

I'm originally from Finland, but have spent most of my adult life in Denmark. Over the years I have lived in different parts of the country and in very different surroundings (big city, village and out in the countryside).

Now I live in Copenhagen, in the new district of ├śrestad, together with my husband Tate - who also has a Finnish background. We were some of the first residents in ├śrestad, and having experienced the city growing up around us has given a very special connection to the area.

My professional background/education is gardener. Over the years I have worked with many different green tasks: gardener in urban gardens, roof gardens and green roofs; green caretaker with responsibility for private courtyards and public facilities; project manager on social green projects; cemetery gardener; greenhouse gardener in charge of flower production... And beside gardening, I also have experience in graphic industry and printing houses.

Nature and green environment mean a lot to me. But I am also fascinated by technology, and like things to be in an interaction where different methods reinforce each other (eg green technology). Community activism, local politics, LGBT+ issues and international friendships are important and interesting topics too. And as a Finn living in Denmark, I have a special interest in Danish-Finnish relations.

My work life and other activities are in many ways intertwined. It can sometimes be difficult to define where one ends and another begins. But this is how it works best for me - and I try to shape my life so that I have an opportunity to work with things that are interesting and meaningful.

Email: 2020@kuusisaari.com
Phone: +45 2621 2502

Postal address
Jann Kuusisaari
Rued Langgaards Vej 11, 2th
DK-2300 Copenhagen

Danish blog: www.jann.dk